अस्माकं विचार:

Our Philosophy

→ Starting with Spoken Sanskrit for day to day use and not just grammar!

→ Listening and speaking before reading and writing!!

→ Internalise the language with interesting poems and stories in simple Sanskrit!!

→ Usage of Videos, charts, kahoots and worksheets instead of rote learning!!

Here is a Short Video how the cute kids internalise Sanskrit


So if you're ready to discover the beauty and power of Sanskrit, join us today and start unlocking the ancient wisdom that lies hidden within this fascinating language

संस्कृतमैत्री इति संस्कृतविश्वं SanskritMaitri, the world of Sanskrit!

  • It’s a mission to create a lifelong impact of Sanskrit on the kids
  • With it’s interesting syllabus combining information with concept learning.
  • Blended with classics like Amarkosh, Bhagwadgeeta, Ashtadhyayi, Vidurneeti, etc
  • In it’s unique play way methodogy
  • Online interactive session and through camps & workshops
  • By it’s passionate content developers, experienced teachers and enthusiastic coordinators

संस्कृतगण: Our Team

  • archana-katira

    Archana Katira

    B.A. Psychology; M.A. Sanskrit; 20 years experience

    Archana has completed her Masters in Sanskrit. She has taught, planned, and structured Sanskrit programs for children for over 20 years. 


    Archana has been on the syllabus committee of the NCERT and Maharashtra board for Sanskrit. Creating exciting content to simplify complex concepts has been her core strength.

  • rajeshree-mehta

    Rajeshree Mehta


    Rajeshree has vast experience in teaching. She can come down to the level of kids with complete patience, so as to make Sanskrit concepts easily acceptable in a gamified manner.

Uniqueness of our syllabus

The concept and flow of this program is designed in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020
Six Levels to the path of Sanskrit Mastery
Tailormade for kids from 3 years to 14 years
Taught with a variety of teaching aids like videos, posters, worksheets, interactive games and kahoot
Supported by colorful textbooks and workbooks for each level
With the flexibility of online but more immersive than the physical one
Facilitated by the passionate team
Followed by structured assessments and certification at each level


Started in 2018
Session wise content planned and curriculum designed in the guidance and review of the MA and PHD scholars
More than 2000 students are taught by the facilitators
More than 1000 posters, worksheets, games and videos as learning content
More than 200 students learnt Sanskrit
More than 100 students learning at any given point in time
More than 20 residentials camps conducted for kids and parents
More than 10 batch and one to one sessions happening daily
Students from USA, UK, UAE, KSA, Canada apart from various part of India have been attending the programs
More than 5 committed team members for content, teaching, graphics and coordination

After a lot of experience in teaching, preparing courses, working on textbooks specifically for the kids, we have tailored with only one course which can guide the children through Mastery towards Sanskrit. This course is called "Beejam".

If you help us with a few of your details and preferences, we can give more details.

अपि सिद्धा:? Ready to dive in?