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  • Structures Mastery program for Sanskrit learning is our USP. We facilitate children with no background knowledge learn Sanskrit Conversation and bits of Grammar very effortlessly. Here is a quick video about our first level program called Beejam.
  • These course are backed by a proper textbook and workbook for ease of learning. 
  • Our live classes come with a lot of fun and games for the kids to absorb the subject easily. 
  • Our teachers are well trained and have a structure way of instruction. 
  • We look at the kids capabilities and try to mould the way and pace of learning for them.

Our Courses

With a wide range of course options, flexible scheduling, and a supportive online community, you'll have everything you need to master the language of ancient India and unlock the secrets of its rich cultural heritage.

  • Beejam_Course_1


    Beejam is our Level 1 program for Sanskrit Learning. You can do this course with our live classes as well by the self learning. You can buy the Beejam book with QR codes backed by the Video Library and do it at self paced manner. Even the hobby classes, alternative schools, schools can adopt to the self paced approach facilitated by their teachers.

  • Parnam_Course3


    This is the text book for the level 3 in the Sanskrit Mastery. This includes basic introduction to the literature, grammar and advanced vocabulary for the children who have basic knowledge of Sanskrit. This is to be taken up after Beejam and Ankura: Course.

  • Kalika_Course5


    Here the students study the abstracts from the core texts like Panchtantra, Upanishads, Bhagvad-Gita, etc. Students achieve deeper understanding about the Sanskrit Grammar and become capable to write small Sanskrit Stories and even create nice poems.

  • Pushpam_Course6


    Students learn deeper subjects like Nyaya Shastra, Siddhant Kaumudi and touch upon the concepts of the Paribhashendu_Shekhar. They students understand the classical literature like Ramayana and Mahabharata by reading in Sanskrit. They gain ability to do free flowing communication in Sanskrit like a scholar and are able to deliver and teach students by themself on various topics. We aspire to develop the personality of such students like the fully blooming petals of the flower Lotus.

After a lot of experience in teaching, preparing courses, working on textbooks specifically for the kids, we have tailored with only one course which can guide the children through Mastery towards Sanskrit. This course is called "Beejam".

If you help us with a few of your details and preferences, we can give more details.

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