Sanskritmaitri Shipping Policy

Shipping costs

The shipping costs will be very simple and transparent. This would be mentioned alongside the product that has been selected. Generally the products are books and the souvenirs like mugs, dairies, pens, badges to create interest in Sanskrit for the kids.


Order processing time

We process the orders within 48hours. We update the stages of delivery like Packed, Dispatched and Delivered. We transparently mention the tracking details in the products, so as to make it easy for the buyers to track them once they are dispatched.


Shipping carriers and methods

Most deliveries shall happen with the help of an organised courier company. In some specific cases, we would handover the products in an event or even by hand which will be specifically communicated while purchasing the same.


Delivery speed

Product shall be delivered latest in 7 days of the order and the payment receipt. We shall cancel the order and return the payment if there is more delay in the process of delivery.


Your approach to handling delays or service interruptions

We communicate the stage of delivery in case of the merchandise. In case of any unforeseen service interruptions, we deliver the same via an alternative medium at our additional cost. In this case there shall be transparent communication of the same with the buyers. In the worst case scenario, the order is cancelled and payments are duly refunded in full.


What to do if an item arrives late or damaged

In case of the damaged or delays more than 10 days in delivery, we shall get the item collected and refund the full amount back to the customer without any discussion. We will try to understand the issue that happened to reach at the root cause and solve it by asking for the documents or photographs available with the buyers.


How to handle returns and cancellations

Returns in case of poor quality or wrong product shall be collected within 15 days and the payment shall be refunded in full.