Benefits of Sanskrit Shlokas

Shlokas can improve the moral values, memory and maturity of the kids. The kids who learn Shlokas at their tender age can comprehend various aspects of life and inculcate the learnings from the experience of thousands of wiseman across thousands of years. The Sanskrit Shlokas have poetic value and hence they are nice to listen and easy to fall in love with.

In Bharat, it is common that the kids are made to chant verses while waking up, going to bath, lunch, dinner and while going back to sleep. Shlokas as chantes in the most important ceremonies like the birth, wedding and death of the Indian people. The tradition of Bharat was almost passed from one generation to the another in the form of these invaluable Shlokas. One may wonder what is the importance of these Shlokas and how do they help kids for their overall development?


Following are the key aspects where the Sanskrit Shlokas impact the kids:


  • Bharatiya tradition has been the tradition of Shruti. i.e, hearing and memorising and carrying forward of the knowledge. We are said to have been carrying the knowledge as deep as the Vedas by the tradition. When print media was absent, people remembered large volume only by chanting. We carried literature like the Mahabharat with more than one Lac Shlokas in our memory for years. The Shlokas have inherent ability to remember, recollect and retrieve right things at right time. The kids who memorise Shlokas start developing sharper memory. These kids are also found to have a better retrieval power. 


  • Sanskrit is one of the very rare languages where we speak what we write and write what we speak. This is the only language which has the swaras or vowels which are hraswa (one beat), dirga (two beats) and pluta (three beats). The chanting Pronunciation is very important element as the meaning changed with how one pronounces it. This is also the important virtue for keeping the shruti tradition alive and became like a protocal. One who can pronounce Sanskrit Shlokas can pronounce almost all the languages. Indians are considered to be very good in English and all other language Call Centres due to their Sanskrit learning knowingly or unknowingly. 


  • Sanskrit Shlokas contain concepts moral values which is also called as the Neeti. This improves the value system and also teaches how to react when. The Vidur-neeti, Chanakya-Neeti, Neeti-Shatakam are a few examples of the collections or compilations of such value drivan versers. They are also called the Shubhashitams. Moreover the literature like the Mahabharat, Ramayan, Bhagwadgita, etc which increased the maturity of mankind are in the form of Shlokas. Sanskrit scholar Amarsimha created the Amarakosh which is considered to be worlds only poetic thesaurus is a collection of Shlokas which can be memorise to increase once vocabulary multifold.  


Following are the suggested starting points for learning Shlokas:

  1. Start with the daily routine Shlokas 
  2. Introduce Shlokas in the form of interesting prayers 
  3. Develop a bend for understanding an learning Neeti Shlokas like Vidura-Neeti
  4. Introduce and encourage kids to participate in competitions like that of Geeta Chanting

Once the kids fall in love with Sanskrit, they themselves learn Bhagwad-gita. 


The learning of Shlokas at the young age, is a very easy and proven path to overall development of kids. This is something which can leave a lasting impact without any doubt. 



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