संस्कृतं - भारतस्य गौरव:! संस्कृत, The pride of Bharat!

  • What we speak is What we write and what we write is a what we speak. 
  • Language that has treasured science, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, art, drama, management, literature, spirituality and much more. 
  • The language of Ramayanam, Mahabharatam, the Vedas, Bhagwadgeeta, Jyotish, Arthashastra, Yog, Ayurveda, coding and decoding. 
  • Language chosen by the wise to express their eternal views document the most important secrets of the man kind.
    Here is a Sanskrit-Pratignya by the students displaying passion for this cause.

किमर्थं संस्कृतम् Why sanskrit?

Sanskrit is not just a language, it is a carrier of the knowledge, experience and ideas of our ancestors. It is not just an ancient language but the an eternal one which continue to hold the keys to the critical scriptures like Vedas and the upanishads.

Teaching is seen as traditionally the only option for the Sanskrit scholars. Now Children with Sanskrit knowledge are already seen in the IITs, NASA, politics, consulting, coding, law, astrology, medicine, consulting and such other premier institutions. With the evolving interest of the people towards India's heritage, the demand is further growing for the people who know Sanskrit in interpretation, research and even creation of the new literature. Sanskrit can be a great hobby learning subjects for the Engineers, Lawyers, Architects, Doctors of the future as well.


Do checkout a quick video on why to learn Sanskrit?

Enable new generation with the Sanskrit Learning

The new generation needs to know Sanskrit to assume knowledge, self esteem and the ultimate truth. The New Education Policy of talks about Sanskrit learning for the children from standard 1 or grade 1. The education needs to be more holistic and inclusive for the people. While the world is talking about the Environment and Sustainability, a lot of schools world over are adapting the Sanskrit Learning.

Treasure of Eternal Knowledge:
Sanskrit is the language of the Bhagwadgeeta, Shrimad Bhagawatam, Ramayanam, Yog Sutras, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Jyotish, the Vastu, the Arthshastra and many more such manuscripts.
Sanskar through Sanskritam:
Sanskrit is the natural carrier of civic sense and the human behavioural ethics. It beyond that we call ethics.
Sanskrit is a thread for unity:
Most Bharatiya or Indian Languages have more than 50% Sanskrit words and root imbibed in them. It is the language in which the rituals of birth, marriage and death are performed. It is the soft power knitting the country together. The Sanskrit Literature is full of ideas to achieve ultimate happiness more than the material gains.
Improve the pronunciation:
This is seen enchancing the pronouciation and overall language skills which is paramount for the career growth in India and abroad. Children with speech problems, stammering, depression, etc have benefitted with Sanskrit learning.
Enhancement in Memory:
5dThe entire Indian scriptures are known to flow from one generation to the another for more than 20000 years through the memorisation of the verses by people. The poetic sense of the language makes it interesting to memorise and sharpens the memory of the children drastically.
Development of Logic:
Children are seen to develop very strong logical reasoning abilities. They are seen asking very sharp and relevant questions after understanding any concept of any subject due to their Sanskrit Learning. Panian Grammar is considered to be coded very logically to derive words from their roots and interpret the Sanskrit Scriptures.

After a lot of experience in teaching, preparing courses, working on textbooks specifically for the kids, we have tailored with only one course which can guide the children through Mastery towards Sanskrit. This course is called "Beejam".

If you help us with a few of your details and preferences, we can give more details.

अपि सिद्धा:? Ready to dive in?